Worldclass Workspaces for Enterprise Organizations

Create and manage workplaces that are designed for a new age of distributed work, while maintaining oversight that anchors operations to facilities in a seamless way.

Organizational excellence starts in the workplace. Are you giving your employees the right workspaces? Does your facilities strategy reflect a mission-driven mindset? Do you have the data you need to make confident, agile decisions about your workplace and the people in it? SpaceIQ gives enterprise organizations the powerful tools and resources they need to understand every facet of their facilities and optimize them for excellence. We enable flexibility in large organizations, so they can remain nimble in how they coordinate and leverage their facilities into operations. With SpaceIQ space planning and management tools, it’s never been easier to engineer a world-class workplace and manage it with confidence

Floor Plans and Stack Planning

Manage your workplace at both micro and macro levels. Use AutoCAD drawings to manipulate seating arrangements and layouts by floor or department; then, understand employee and space allocation across all floors via the stack plan. Bring cohesion to teams, departments, and the company as a whole through smarter space allocation and arrangement.

Hoteling and Hot Desks

Enter the age of agility. As the remote workforce grows and enterprise companies embrace distributed teams, hoteling and hot desks have emerged as solutions. Get the powerful tools you need to coordinate these spaces, enable employee booking, oversee agile space management, and bring flex work arrangements to life in your workplace.

Support Ticketing Integration

Facilities require constant upkeep. A robust ticketing system enables everyone from facility managers to general employees to submit support tickets and ensure they’re routed to the correct place—whether that’s a vendor or in-house craftsperson. Track ticketing metrics including total number of tickets, time to completion, resolution cost, and beyond.

Live-Mode Utilization

Turn your smart building into an intelligent one with robust integrations for IoT devices and other connected technologies. SpaceIQ products turn raw data streams and siloed information into actionable insights that power critical decision-making. As your IoT network expands and you add more SaaS services, your access to utilization data also grows.

Wayfinding and Booking

Employees lose significant time and productivity looking for workspaces. Space booking and wayfinding integrations recoup that time, guiding employees directly to the right workspace, where they can be productive, across multiple floors, campus buildings, and locations. Booking prevents overlapping, while wayfinding decreases transition time.

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