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Identify the complex workplace needs of your business, to shape an environment that’s conducive to productivity, innovation, and excellence.

There’s no such thing as a “traditional corporate workplace” anymore. Companies across different sectors have evolved their approach to workplace design and management so that no two are the same. To design and manage these environments, corporate companies rely on the robust tools SiQ offers. We help corporate customers design, plan, and execute workplace concepts—then, iterate, innovate, and improve them. As the way we work continues to evolve, SiQ tools provide ongoing support to changing workplaces across a broad range of sectors. No matter the work you do or how you do it, we help you do it better, in an environment that’s supportive and enabling.


Advanced features like BIM and robust support ticketing integration allow telecoms to leverage facilities management into broader company operational strategies. Telecom companies have the ability to prioritize infrastructure, to better serve the needs of their customers by keeping their own facilities coordinated, managed, and running efficiently.


Tech companies are always on the cutting edge, and SpaceIQ helps them set the curve with workplace design and desking concepts. Rely on floor plan design and iteration tools, hoteling and hot desk infrastructure, room booking software, employee directory integration, and more. Support in-house staff, remote workers, flex work, and decentralized teams, for perfect harmony.


SpaceIQ tools help corporate legal firms manage their fast-paced, unpredictable work environments. Get the agility needed to flex into spaces, book rooms, plan moves, and navigate large facilities—all done effortlessly using workplace management software. Legal teams get the support of a dynamic workplace, designed to support their unpredictable workloads.


From local banks with a few branches to national banks with thousands of locations, real estate management is a top priority for financial firms. We provide support tools for portfolio oversight, GIS-specific location insights, lease administration, and more, to give finance companies decision-making power needed to serve stakeholders.


Crypto companies are subject to the volatility of the untethered currency they’re developing for. We help bring stability to their workplace through space planning and management tools, hoteling and hot desk infrastructure, workplace reporting metrics, and more. As crypto companies scale, they get the insights they need to embrace workplace growth sustainably.

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