Turn Any Workplace Into A Smart Space

SpaceIQ Turns The Workplace From a Cost Center Into a Competitive Advantage

Our platform helps companies with smart, powerful and intuitive CAFM/IWMS workplace management software that drives engagement, fuels productivity and optimizes savings for companies of every size.

ROI Analysis/Cost Savings

Globally, the workplace is the second biggest expense for all companies. However, most companies struggle to manage it effectively because the data is siloed in multiple locations,and accessed only by paper, spreadsheets or out-dated legacy FM software.

  •  $30T spent on commercial real estate and workplace in 2016
  •  The workspace represents the second largest expenses for companies (U.S average 12%)
  •  1% reduction in workplace expenses would return significant savings

SpaceIQ’s powerful and easy-to-use platform will give you centralized visibility and control into your workplace real estate forecasting to do the following:

  •  Real-time insight into space utilization
  •  Optimize scenarios for future needs
  •  Proactively manage your workplace budget

Productivity Improvements

Most companies find improved productivity an elusive goal to achieve. However, multiple studies show that even modest improvements in operational or employee productivity can yield major financial and operational benefits.

At its core, SpaceIQ is about operational excellence: helping you run a tight ship, saving you time on tactical tasks, and empowering you to think strategically so you can help the larger organization achieve its goals.

  •  Task reducing from weeks to days (or hours)
  •  Delegation of tasks within organization
  •  Centralized and insightful workplace "system of record”

Employee Engagement

The workforce is going through a dynamic shift, with new generations and new technology changing employees attitudes, engagement, and desires about the workplace.

  •  42% of Millennials would quit their job with out the right technology (Future Workforce Study - Dell/Intel)
  •  Only 32% of employees are considered engaged at work (Gallup 2016)

With SpaceIQ, companies can provide their employees with a world-class workplace experience that’s been the privilege of few companies until now. This means that your employees can focus on their work knowing they are a part of a well-run organization.

  •  Consumer-grade workplace technology
  •  Visibility and collaboration at the group, team or project level.
  •  Cutting edge integrations with modern applications - Slack and more.
SpaceIQ - Making the workplace smarter!
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