SpaceIQ + Aruba

For companies, real estate is their single biggest fixed cost. However, significant amounts of office space are severely underutilized costing companies billions of dollars in wasted space. The problem exists because most companies do not have sufficient workplace analytics and as offices transition to more agile, activity based work designs, the problem only becomes more severe. SpaceIQ, the industry’s most innovative workplace software platform and Aruba, the Edge Authority in workplace connectivity are helping companies build a Smarter Workplace.

SpaceIQ has modernized space management by accessing workplace data and using cutting-edge AI technology. Combined with IT’s existing investment in Wi-Fi and indoor location infrastructure, SpaceIQ gives companies full workplace visibility. Existing Aruba customers can use Clearpass utilization and ALE data in SpaceIQ to deliver unparalleled actively management for their physical workplace. Companies deploying employee experience apps can use Aruba’s Meridian maps with SpaceIQ to provide a compelling and accurate real-time experiences.