Today is an exciting day at Archibus because we’re releasing one of the most significant redesigns in our 35+ year history. Version 25.1 (V25.1) has arrived, bringing the vast amount of workplace and facilities data within Archibus ever closer to your fingertips. We have always stayed true to the rigor with which data and activity is tracked in the Archibus platform, but this redesign focuses intensely on improving how you interact with that information, making it easier than ever for you to get ahead of critical insight.


Introducing the Version 25.1

This year presented all of us with unprecedented challenges, but at Archibus, we learned that accurate facility information makes all the difference when dealing with a crisis and then adjusting for a new normal. Our job is to empower you to plan smarter and respond faster with a complete understanding into your needs and activities. V25.1 is a massive upgrade to that end. Here are some of the exciting changes you can expect:

Bringing You Closer to Facility-Wide Insights

We have refreshed our entire platform to make all views and reports more intuitive and visually engaging. Our improved navigation and dashboards help you respond with full context of the task at hand, while providing greater freedom for you to curate your own experience around priorities. We’ve made it simple for you to add favorites and define shortcuts for key views and reports.

Simplifying the Space Console

For many Archibus users, the Space Console is central to managing so much facility activity. V25.1 updates this cornerstone view to save you time in finding critical information on locations, allocations, and occupancy. We’ve simplified the overall presentation, while introducing smart search and smart interactions, so you can more quickly get where you need to be.

Standardizing Maintenance with Ease-of-Use

Both the Maintenance mobile app and the Maintenance Console have also been enhanced for this release. The Maintenance mobile app’s new buttons do a better job of guiding field workers as they log hours, verify and record equipment by barcode, and access relevant work details. The Maintenance console now summarizes estimated hours and actual hours by craftsperson, so supervisors can easily compare totals side-by-side.

In the Archibus Workplace console, the Service Catalog simplifies and refines how you search and analyze requests, letting you quickly sort services by type in an intuitive catalog, while making it easier to pull details and track status. In fact, request types have been better defined down to the point of request, improving standardization of how requests are submitted. We have also improved your ability to visually identify problems on a floorplan to see where requests are coming from.

maintenance group

Giving You More Control over Your Workplace Experience

To cap things off, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about improvements to our solutions for enhancing your employee experience. For those of you looking to introduce hot-desking, connect people to their space, and generally streamline how workstations are reserved, our Reservations Calendar console provides a clear overview into the management of room and resource reservations. These improvements make it easier to refine the timing of recurring reservations and resolve any conflicts, so that nothing gets in the way of your daily flow.

We’re not Slowing Down

We can’t wait for you all to discover this exciting new chapter for Archibus software. If there is one takeaway to leave you with today, it’s that this release is all about you and your experience. Most importantly… we’re not stopping. This past year, we accelerated development intensely to make V25.1 special, and we have no intention of slowing down. We care about putting our users in the best possible position to succeed, with unparalleled insights and tools to optimize strategies and convert them into actions. This release is a testament to that effort, and we’re proud to say that the best is yet to come.