Presence Sensing in a COVID World

It’s no secret: COVID is altering the way we work. How and when can employees safely return to the office? What role can we play to help our employees come back to work safely? Regions, restrictions and guidance are all different depending on the region you are in. Pre-entry health screenings, office social distancing, intensive hygiene, cleaning regimes and more may all be important elements in your back to work plan.


  • Elizabeth Redmond, CEO, CoWorkr
  • Ian Morley, Chief Product Officer, SpaceIQ

Topics covered:

  • What time frame are you considering for bringing employees back to work?
  • What role does Contract Tracing play in your back to work plan?
  • How do sensors make workplace management more intentional?
  • How can we measure occupancy data that is reliable?
  • Where do we have “Eyes” (Sensors Deployed) in the office?
  • How can we use available technology to create a safer workspace for all?