MERIT MEDICAL Review for SpaceIQ

Problem:  Tracking down employees and gathering the right data took way too much time.

Merit Medical specializes in designing and manufacturing life-saving medical supplies. With over six buildings, 1800 staff members, and new employees every day, it was increasingly difficult for facility coordinators to keep track of everyone. With no workspace or employee visibility from a birds-eye view, it would take facilities managers three to four days to compile the appropriate data to better manage their spaces. Additionally, Shipping & Receiving required two mail clerks to deliver their 300 small packages daily, and sometimes these package deliveries had to be rolled over to the next day.

Solution:  SpaceIQ offered space utilization with views of a real-time floor plan, saving time and money.

SpaceIQ helped alleviate some of Merit Medical’s challenges with the following:

  • A reliable platform that helped create new processes to cut down wasted time
  • Stunning visual representation of floor plans
  • Efficient search-powered drag and drop features which made reallocating new or existing employees a sinch
  • Employee and room finder, which improved collaboration and communication between teams
  • A user-friendly system that could be shared by multiple departments, which ultimately opened up the conversation for how to better utilize space

The Result

Instead of three to four days, facilities managers can now plan, execute, and manage their spaces more efficiently in a matter of minutes. The Shipping & Receiving Department now only utilizes one mail clerk to handle all daily 300 packages, without needing to roll over deliveries to the next day. With a reliable platform that offers real-time facility visualization, SpaceIQ has saved Merit Medical a tremendous amount of time and money.

“There are so many different departments that have really utilized SpaceIQ in their own way. For new employees, they can download the SpaceIQ app to navigate the campus. For our executives, it’s easier to locate a meeting place. For receiving, it helps deliver packages in a timely manner. For our finance department, we can look at projections for growth. We’re definitely taking advantage of the diversity SpaceIQ offers.”

Erin McCann, Facilities Coordinator at Merit Medical Systems