Marketo Video Testimonial for SpaceIQ

ProblemManual space utilization processes cost too many unnecessary man-hours.

Marketo was managing their space utilization by means of an archaic and convoluted system:

  •  PowerPoints
  •  Printed floor plans
  •  Sticky notes and highlighters

Floor plans were typically created in CAD files converted into PowerPoints. Any time there was a change in the floor plan, facility managers had to manually go back and fix the CAD file, place it into a PowerPoint file, and then print it. Thus, creating a lot of redundancy and wasted time.

Solution: SpaceIQ’s intuitive, all-in-one click platform.

SpaceIQ provided Marketo with the following:

  •  Productivity increase in half the time
  •  Simple cloud-based login
  •  Easy-to-use real estate dashboard
  •  Visualization of their space and utilization from a floor or department level
  •  Robust reporting features
  •  Accurate information, providing instant data on headcount and open seats
  •  Drag-and-drop seating changes
  •  Seamless move management

Frequent movement constantly occurs in a quickly expanding company like Marketo. SpaceIQ has helped eliminate unnecessary man-hours caused by inefficient manual processes and helped make space management more visual, quick, and easy. Marketo’s facilities can now move as fast as the speed of their business.

“SpaceIQ has definitely helped with the man-hours. Before SpaceIQ, everything was very manual. SpaceIQ makes our space management really quick and easy. I am no longer having to print out floor plans. Everything is all in one place. There is a lot of movement that happens here at Marketo. Everything is moving ALL THE TIME. SpaceIQ has eliminated a lot of the time that was wasted.”

Nadia Wong, Senior Facilities Manager at Marketo

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