Leap Frog Customer Testimonial for SpaceIQ

Problem: Needed a platform that was user-friendly and efficient.

Jay Momet, LeapFrog’s Director of Real Estate & Facilities, needed a dependable system that wasn’t overly complicated and easily navigable.


SpaceIQ was easy to see, easy to present, easy to use.

SpaceIQ provided LeapFrog with the following –

  • Simple and easy-to-use FM platform with intuitive navigation
  • Powerful and effective system, with features that boot up right away
  • An extremely fast implementation process
  • Up-to-date reports
  • A true customer success team

If a facility management team isn’t doing their job, then they can’t help the business do theirs. Luckily, with SpaceIQ’s user-friendly and intuitive CAFM/IWMS, Leapfrog’s facility management team can do their job to their best and fullest, every time…. no more waiting for a module to load.

“One of the biggest wins for SpaceIQ is the team delivering on their promises. I’ve met with a lot of people, dealt with former vendors and SpaceIQ didn’t just install and move on. They held our hands the entire way from beginning to end. Even after implementation, I received a follow-up call checking in to make sure I knew about new features and how to use them. It’s nice to have somebody who follows through and delivers on their promises.”

Jay Momet, Director of Real Estate & Facilities at LeapFrog