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Reimagine your real estate with real-time data

To optimize office real estate in the hybrid workplace, you need full visibility into how employees use your space and how every square foot impacts your bottom line. Get the data and planning tools you need to stay agile with iOFFICE + SpaceIQ.
“The software is a game changer for anyone needing a space management solution! Not only does the platform make it simple to manage your office(s) floor plan it provides insights to help you plan ahead and allows for you to hold hiring managers accountable to keep their teams seating areas up to date without adding a heavy burden to their workload. It’s user-friendly and the dashboard and seating floor plans are clean and simple with great detail.”
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Rearrange spaces at a moment’s notice

Today’s agile work environment is great for employees who want more flexibility, but it makes it more challenging for anyone in charge of planning or managing spaces. With space utilization data and scenario planning tools at your fingertips, you can stack and restack anytime — and see how new layouts or seating arrangements will impact your workforce before anyone makes a move.

Agile space planning solutions enable you to:

Make data-driven plans for the future
Leverage real-time and historic utilization data to see how departments are using space. Forecast real estate needs and make decisions based on metrics versus guesswork.
Easily keep stakeholders informed
Save time delivering key information to stakeholders invested in your workplace’s real estate. Easy-to-use dashboards and scheduled reports provide key metrics in seconds.
Allocate, measure, and adjust from one tool
Manage your agile workplace from the convenience of a single ecosystem. Save time with one toolset that functions as your sole source of truth for workspace performance.
Did you know?
66% of leaders are planning to redesign their office space to suit the hybrid work model.

Employee experience apps

Coming into the office can feel like an inconvenience to employees used to working from home. In a distributed workplace, the transition between virtual and face-to-face collaboration must be seamless so employees have reason to embrace both options.

Employee experience apps enables you to:

Take the friction out of in-person collaboration
Employees can quickly locate where their colleagues are sitting and book space next to them. This planning can be done in advance of an office visit for added convenience.
Help employees easily find their way in-office
Get employees where they need to go quickly — even if they’ve never been to the office before. Dynamic floor plan maps and wayfinding kiosks guide them in the right direction.
Keep employees engaged with their workplace
A single app serves as a home base for an employee’s entire office experience. Deliver key messages to employees and keep them informed without overloading their inbox.
Did you know?
Employees are 85% more likely to stay more than three years at their job if they feel like they have technology that supports them at work.

Room reservation and desk booking software

In the hybrid workplace, swapping assigned seats for reservable desks or rooms just makes sense. But without a way to see which spaces are available and reserve them, hot desking becomes a game of musical chairs that leads to frustrations for employees.

Room reservation and desk booking software enables you to:

Connect employees to their ideal space
Employee workspace needs can vary by the day. Empower employees to easily find rooms and desks that suit their daily needs, from the right size to the right amenities.
Synchronize schedules and end conflicts
Room and desk reservations sync across all platforms and provide real-time availability. Employees can book with confidence and never have to wonder if a workspace is free.
Design structured space with flexible policies
Designate space to specific groups so they have resources to be productive. Recapture unused space to optimize utilization and stay flexible amid employee schedule changes.
Did you know?
The average annualized cost of a single desk can be as high as $18,000.

Hybrid workplace resources

The future of the workplace is hybrid, and workplace leaders need to quickly adapt. In support of these efforts, we’ve paired the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of workplace management solutions with a robust collection of hybrid work resources.