Workplace Management
Space Planning
Chargebacks and Space Accounting
Real Estate Portfolio Management
Agile Workplaces
Stack Planning
Scenario Planning
Social Distancing

Space Planning For Small and Large Offices

Explore new and alternative ways to utilize your space. Plan ways to rearrange space across multiple floors or offices. Use our scenario planning tool to configure different versions. Collaborate with stakeholders and department heads to determine the best fit.

Workplace Management All In One Place

Your workplace is constantly changing. Is your system data updating at the same time? Our platform allows you to dynamically track space, people, furniture, and assets in one place.

Chargebacks & Space Accounting Across Departments

Provide your finance team the exact costs for space. Whether you track by square footage or personnel, we can help you figure out each department or team space allocation in simple-to-use reports and dashboards.

Real Estate Portfolio Management Solutions

Track, manage, and evaluate your global commercial real estate portfolio. Utilize our easy-to-view dashboards or reports to better understand lease costs, expiration dates, and more.

Agile Workplaces

Manage your modern workplace with hoteling spaces (reservable desks), hot desks, neighborhoods, villages, shared seats, ratio seating, activity-based working, and everything in between.

Stack Planning

Stack and restack departments and teams to create ideal spaces for maximum efficiencies. Use our visual drag-and-drop function to stack and restack buildings and floors. Adjust for future head count, and quickly add new employees to a department or team.

Social Distancing

Create safer back-to-work processes with social distancing measures built straight into your floor plans. Use pins to denote sanitizing stations, mask supplies, and visual 6-foot rings around workspaces so employees know their seat is in a safe distance from others.

Reimagine Your Workplace™

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