Revolutionary Space Planning

When you read “space” do you hear “the final frontier” or do you think about floor plans? If either – or, better yet, both – you’ll find that the future of intelligent space planning software has arrived with SpaceIQ’s CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) and IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) cloud software. Is space management what you do day in and day out? SpaceIQ can truly take you into the future.

We’ve worked with the facilities teams in the world’s most innovative companies’ to reconstruct the space planning process with easier and smarter tools than offered by legacy CAFM or IWMS systems. Our User Experience gurus worked to make the system anticipate the information you need so you won’t have to ask for it, remove any redundant mouse clicks, and eliminate confused head scratches to make sure you get optimal results.

Explore and analyze department and team-level space allocation visually using our intuitive interface. Get immediate metrics on any collection of seats or spaces including areas, space types and occupancy. Spin-off new or derived scenarios. Delegate seating assignments to managers or “space captains”. Review options with stakeholders and finalize your plans. Done.

Best of all? SpaceIQ keeps tabs on all of your space planning work and becomes your system-of-record. If space management is what you do day in and day out your days are about to become better. Much better.

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Say Goodbye to Polylining

Polylining: the feedstock for legacy CAFMs and the bane of space planners throughout the industry. The one word guaranteed to elicit a deep sigh out of any space planner we have ever met. In our quest to make this industry better, we’re doing away with polylining. Sigh no more.

Instead of painstakingly drawing out boundaries around every seat, cubicle, office and storage space we let you quickly mark their location. You save lots of time by assigning and changing properties such as area, type and assets to one, seven or 57 spaces at one once. You also ensure consistency and standardization, and you can finally focus on the big picture

It doesn’t hurt that the big picture is a stunning visual representation of your floor plans or that it’s supported by beautiful interactive statistics on areas, space types and allocations that will make you want to tap-dance in the circulation space. All of this without wasting a single minute on laborious polylining. Ever.

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Seamless Collaboration

Tired of emailing seating chart PDFs or handing out printouts to slow-to-respond-but-quick-to-complain department heads and stakeholders? Spent a lifetime entering data back into Excel or an antiquated CAFM system? We’ll take care of that for you.

With SpaceIQ, you can invite the departments to participate in the space planning process. Changes can be made quickly and easily, so iterating and making sure everyone’s needs are accounted for are no longer quite the chore they used to be. You save time, get the buy-in, and everybody gets a better outcome.

You can even delegate visual seat assignments to team leads, space captains, executive assistants or managers. They make their own decisions, handle the details, and save you time.

Did we mention the future has arrived?

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