We believe spreadsheets, post-it-notes, and Powerpoint presentations aren’t enough to manage and plan your space. Even traditional IWMS systems are limited in their ability to help you strategically manage growing business demands for space. With Serraview Space Planning you’ll be equipped with interactive dashboards that highlight space optimization opportunities. Use data to make informed, fact-based decisions, and give leadership confidence in how you’re managing your firm’s real estate.

Serraview Space Planning


of desks are in use at any one time.


average cost of providing a desk per year.


average increase in utilization with Serraview.


Space Management

Import, categorize, and measure your floor plans.

Space Utilization

Identify wasted space and opportunities to save.

Space Planning

Model out future movements and consolidations.

Relocation Management

Streamline moves, adds, and changes of personnel.

Activity Based Working

Optimize space utilization with neighborhoods.

Scenario Planning

Validate occupancy data with your business units.

Space Planning

In our solution, space planning begins with your current state – AutoCAD files are imported into the system, fully pollylined.

Our Visual Block and Stack (or VBS) is at the heart of our tool, helping you to visualize your accommodation data. Designed to flow the same way space planners work, VBS provides drag-and-drop tools to quickly and easily manage space allocations from teams down to the employee’s names per seat.

To ensure data accuracy, we integrate with your HR and Finance systems to keep reference data up to date. Going a step further, our workplace portal crowd-sources and validates information from your business, allowing you to effectively manage charge-back of space without excessive data-management overhead, or ever having to go back to CAD to reassign a seat.

Space Utilization

In order to fully understand your building’s utilization, we layer in comprehensive and real-time activity data from your existing badge-swipes, sensors, beacons, or PC presence technologies.

As a result, you have an accurate picture of both planned and actual activity – exactly what you need to build your business case with your C-Suite around optimum space usage.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning projects allow you to quickly right-size space allocations based on occupancy and utilization rates as well as remove vacancies.

In our solution, you can drag-and-drop groups around to restack your buildings, move groups between different sites, apply seating ratios, take headcount forecasts, and ideally clear entire floors. All the while, our system keeps track of all your movements, provides you with intuitive before and after reports, and gives you the tools to smoothly execute your relocation projects.

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