Stack Planning
AutoCAD and BIM
Digital Twins

Embrace smart building technologies—then, bring them together in a network that’s optimized to provide you with workforce-enabling insights.

There’s a big difference between being smart and being intelligent. The same is true for buildings and the growing number of technologies that power them. It’s easy to install motion-sensor lights or an air quality sensor and call a building “smart.” A truly intelligentbuilding will use these systems to learn, optimize, and enhance the environment. SpaceIQ brings companies the tools they need to turn their smart buildings into intelligent ones.

Live-Mode Utilization

Utilize real-time insights from integrated IoT devices to understand how they’re serving your facilities and the people within them. Uncover opportunities for automation by understanding the relationship between sensors and their triggers, and the purposes they serve. SpaceIQ brings visibility to IoT networks and allows them to grow and evolve as they become more sophisticated.

AutoCAD and BIM

Quickly and effortlessly import AutoCAD and BIM data to create sophisticated reconstructions of your facilities and various environments. Manage your building’s smart technologies within the context of these environments, to better understand the needs of your workspaces and how your technology investments serve them.

Digital Twins

Use SpaceIQ smart building solutions to create a digital twin using—a real-time, digital representation of your busy, buzzing workplace. Digital twins offer context for sensor and BIM data, painting a true-to-life overview of the workplace that facility managers can examine to understand how, from a quantifiable standpoint, facilities operate.

GIS Information

Leverage geospatial capabilities to improve organizational collaboration and decision-making at a high level. GIS information helps companies contextualize real estate, facilities, and infrastructure, for a broad understanding of the workplace. Use smart building systems and technologies to automate data collection to further empower GIS insights

Performance Metrics Framework

Turn the many smart capabilities of your building into intelligent insights. SpaceIQ products aggregate broad data from multiple channels into organized, searchable, manipulatable data stakeholders can use to inform a better facilities management approach. Performance metrics enable better goal-setting and data interpretation, for continuous optimization of facilities.

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