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Modeling BIM offers smarter solutions to planning, managing, and optimizing facilities, to help businesses make the most of their investment in facilities, assets, and people,

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a cohesive method of designing and managing buildings across all systems. BIM is important for maintenance, asset tracking, facilities management, and future improvements, and ensures every interaction with facilities is backed by insight, understanding, and information. From planning capital improvements to predictive maintenance, SpaceIQ tools are the new standard for facilities management. SpaceIQ brings businesses BIM benefits through software that’s designed to keep up with changing expectations, management philosophies, and facility demands.

Digital Twins

Make a digital carbon copy of facilities—one that’s easy to manipulate and contextualize for broad facilities management benefits. Get a real-time understanding of capital systems, business assets, operational costs, and maintenance demands, to act on them accordingly. Digital twins let facility managers see every part of facilities from a data-driven standpoint.

Layered Insights

View facilities from every unique layer that contributes to their function, from plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, to architectural, structural, and exterior features. Examine individual layers or use the power of BIM to stack layers for powerful insights into how different systems affect one another. Layered insights enable confident facilities management decision-making.

Powerful Integrations

Link sensors and beacons into the BIM ecosystem to enhance digital reporting capabilities, and to provide real-time context for decision-making. Likewise, export BIM data or link it to business management apps to improve building maintenance through automation. BIM’s data-driven integrations facilitate a better continuum of facilities management and upkeep.

Cost and Valuation

Use BIM to glean insights about the total cost of facilities upkeep and ownership. Information about maintenance, investments, improvements, and repairs paints a valuable picture of costs and valuations. Businesses can use this information for budgeting and forecasting, for a more accurate picture of building cost inthe near-term and over the long run.

Improved Maintenance

Use digital twins and BIM insights to understand a building’s complete maintenance needs, and to get ahead of them. Develop proactive maintenance plans that keep overall costs lower, while reducing disruptions to the workplace. Budget and plan accordingly for routine maintenance and building improvements with fewer unknowns and disruptions.

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