Real Estate Forecasting Dashboard

SpaceIQ’s Real Estate Forecasting Dashboard has everything you need, where you need it, when you need it. Do you look forward to preparing to review your real estate portfolio with your CFO? Didn’t think so. Having to corner Lukas from the Melbourne office to get his latest occupancy data or hunting down Amelia in London for hers wouldn’t be our favorite thing to do either. Do you also shudder at the thought of entering this information into that dinosaur of a lease management system only to extract those clunky reports? We would too.

Your Real Estate At Your Fingertips

We can’t guarantee that you’ll be skipping down to the executive wing for that meeting next time, but you’ll certainly feel better about it. SpaceIQ’s portfolio dashboard was designed to give you all the important information about your real estate assets around the world in one place. Easily. Instantly. For all your locations or just a few.

Utilization Analysis Made Easy

With a national average space utilization below 70%, underutilized space is often a huge hidden waste within an organization. Yet you rarely hear complaints about having too much space. It’s always about needing more. Doesn’t add up, does it?

What if you could improve 10-20% on your space utilization? What if you could support another 20 engineers or 15 sales people without expanding your footprint and your expenditure? With SpaceIQ’s Real Estate Forecasting tools, you have the power and flexibility to identify opportunities and plan improvements in seconds.

Understand Your Space

Understand and compare your buildings’ utilization rates, capacity, density and employee cost benchmarks. Drill down to analyze floor-level metrics and detailed allocation and space-types data. Export detailed data to Excel to share with Finance or generate a PDF report with embedded charts. Knowing where you are today will help you make smart decision about where you want to be in the future.

Smart Forecasting

SpaceIQ’s Real Estate Portfolio Dashboard is seamlessly integrated with our Space Planning and Management. This gives you the same sophisticated portfolio analysis for your planned changes so you can understand your future as well as your present.

Our integrated system uses real, existing data, to swiftly and accurately forecast for one potential scenario or several. It allows you to share the insights and the tradeoffs with your stakeholders so you can ensure transparency and buy-in, even if the VP of Marketing doesn’t get that coveted office on the third floor.

Smart Forecasting Made Easy

We make it ridiculously easy to see how various scenarios affect your costs, global metrics and benchmarks. Add to that your business insights and you’ll be making smart strategic decisions. There’s a reason it’s called SpaceIQ.

Reimagine Your Workplace™

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