Making Moves Easier

When talking about office spaces, everybody wants to talk about new seating arrangements, swanky new rec rooms, and that fancy reception area. Sometime the move is less exciting but no less important – restacking, accommodating growth, or simply improving collaboration. In all types of moves, however, your team is responsible for the hard work of nailing the details and coordinating the effort.

We hear you. We listened to your war stories full of checklists, endless emails, and missing boxes and equipment. We are building the technology that gives you the tools you need to lead your employees to that promised land of natural light and plush collaboration spaces

Move Management isn’t just about the physical workplace, it’s about the people who work there. SpaceIQ ensures that not only are the physical needs met, but, more importantly, the needs of the employees are met with as little disruption as possible.

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All The Info, All In One Place

When managing a move, you’re not just moving physical assets like desks, monitors and filing cabinets. You’re moving people with needs, preferences, and worries. SpaceIQ’s comprehensive Move Management module ensures that the needs of each employee are noted and met. From a sit/stand desk preference to the need for privacy or easy access to secure storage, SpaceIQ helps you track needs and find the optimal configuration.

With SpaceIQ, everybody who’s collaborating on the move – space planners, the “space captains” or managers who assign new seats, the move coordinators, and the movers themselves-work off a secure single shared set of data. Everybody has their role, the appropriate permissions, and best of all: there’s no confusion, no messy printouts or spreadsheets, and nobody gets mysteriously left behind.

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Effortless Communication

We know how painful and frustrating (and sometimes rage-inducing) move-related communication can be. The long hours spent creating employee email lists, spreadsheets with names and seat numbers and answering endless variations of “where is my new seat again?” It’s not like communicating with HR the movers, and letting IT know where to connect things is a walk in the park either.

Well, fear no more! With SpaceIQ you can send personalized email notifications with information about their new seat and detailed move instructions to everybody with a single click. You can also send a move list directly to your movers or, better yet, let them use our secure, app-free mobile access to the move list so they can check off completed moves as they go.

Better communication means better coordination. And that means a lot more smiles, high-fives, and pats on backs when it is all said and done.

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