Date-Driven Insights With Stack Planning

SpaceIQ provides space planners with the best seating configurations—or stacks of buildings and campuses—by department or team.

Get big-picture insights for smarter automated stack planning.

  • High-level, current views of every floor, department, and team
  • Drag-and-drop entire departments and teams from one floor—or building—to another
  • Accommodate for forecasted growth
  • Create and compare unlimited stack plans using live data from across your enterprise systems

StackIQ™: The Future of Stack Planning

StackIQ™ is a visual, AI-driven stack scenario planning optimization engine that integrates with space data residing in SpaceIQ to evaluate millions of possible configurations in seconds—not days or weeks.

  • Stack single buildings, entire campuses, or global portfolios
  • Flow real estate forecasts and projections into future stack plans; then flow that information into your move management system
  • Create adjacencies (place Sales next to Marketing) and accept employee constraints (provide disabled seating on first floor)

Reimagine Your Workplace™

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