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Bringing employees back to work shouldn’t be left to chance. Without quality data, actionable intelligence, and workforce enablement tools, employers can only hope for the best—but feel unprepared for the worst. 

COVID-19 creates numerous workplace challenges: Returning to work as safely as possible, desk reservations, social distancing, contact tracing, employee engagement, and productivity.

Our portfolio of back-to-work products offer ways for managing employee experience, hoteling, contact tracing, space management, and future planning. With SpaceIQ, get industry-leading technologies that make returning to work predictable, safer, and reliable. 

Hoteling & Reservation System

Back-to-work strategies require new tools to keep everyone as safe as possible and boost productivity. Minimize the return-to-work anxiety with powerful employee engagement and hoteling solutions.  

  • Easy hoteling and space reservations 
  • Reliable contact tracing and policy alignment  
  • A single source of truth with powerful integrations  
  • Employee sentiment tools and in-app surveys 

Actionable Intelligence & Workplace Reporting

Transform your data into actionable intelligence and make it easy to uncover trends and opportunities within your workplace. Customize and share clean, intuitive dashboards and leverage our tools to monitor and respond to potential health issues around your location before they occur.  

  • Plan your return to work by overlaying offices against COVID-19 case count data
  • See workspace utilization and historic trends to optimize available space 
  • Create dashboards to share pertinent data with different users and groups 
  • Provide IT departments direct (encrypted) connections to our data warehouse 
  • Get auto-alerts and reporting based on customizable criteria 

Social Distancing & Space Planning

Help your teams and employees plan for facility reopenings with technology that helps manage the process. 

  • Set safe distancing visuals in floor plans for employees and visitors
  • Show which seats or spaces are available or off limits
  • Manage traffic patterns and highlight hygiene stations
  • Change and manage desks or seating arrangements as your situation evolves



 Contact Tracing

Inform and reduce infectious diseases such as COVID-19 by quickly identifying any in-office employees or guests who may have come in contact with an affected individual. 

  • View facility activity by time and location 
  • Compile workplace insights for comprehensive contact tracing 
  • Integrate with other workplace apps to support real-time workplace governance 
  • Leverage a robust office IoT by reducting the cost of hardware and sensors 

Welcome Employees Back to Work 

Finding your “next normal” takes data, employee apps, analytics, planning, and purpose. We provide the tools to get employees back to work and position your business for success now and in the future. 

COVID-19 Resources

Check our COVID-19 Resource Center to learn about back to work solutions.

COVID-19 Resources

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