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The role of facilities is changing, but they remain central to business success.

Companies need powerful software solutions to understand and empower them in managing facilities. Facilities are integral to every part of business operations—from enabling productivity and efficiency, to cutting costs and reducing waste. To get the insights they need, businesses rely on Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solutions and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). Unfortunately, legacy facilities management software solutions were designed to meet yesterday’s challenges with yesterday’s technology. SiQ offers a complete suite of facility management tools, designed for the future of facilities and how businesses use them. Our software helps businesses of all sizes drive operational performance and fuel cost reductions. From startups to multinational companies, we help businesses put facilities to work for them, to fuel growth, efficiency, and streamlined operations.

Facility Plan Visualization

See your workplace before it becomes reality. Powerful CAD modeling enables robust mockups of desk arrangements within the context of the workplace. Get a birds-eye view of where everything is in relation to everything else—people, assets, facilities, and more. Floor plans unlock powerful planning capabilities, for better facilities management.

Strategic Facility Planning Solutions

Maximize available square footage using strategic space planning tools. Drag-and-drop floor plans offer iterative opportunities to design the workplace, while SiQ software delivers insights for better management of these spaces. From desk neighborhoods to hot desking, businesses get the tools they need to plan and govern workspaces, no matter what form they take.

Dynamic Facility Move Management Software

Explore powerful tools to make workplace moves simple and efficient. SiQ tools integrate communication apps, floor plans, move checklists, and more, so everyone can act in unison to facilitate an effortless move. From interdepartmental desk rearranging to total relocation between facilities, use our tools to get people from Point A to Point B swiftly, without issue or error.

Easy-to-use Facility Reporting System

Gauge occupancy rates, workspace utilization efficiency, cost of operation, and more through SiQ’s powerful reporting tools. Workplace data flows into a convenient reporting dashboard through diverse channels, to give facilities managers, real estate managers, and upper-level stakeholders the vital information they need to make smarter decisions about facilities.

Convenient Hoteling and Hot Desks Solution

The future of work is agile, and the workplace needs to be equally as flexible. Use powerful tools to createa framework for hoteling and hot desks, including reservation software, utilization reporting tools, and automations that make it easy for employees to acclimate. SiQ hoteling tools are employee-friendly and powerful for administrators.

Facility Support Ticketing

Facility management includes facility maintenance. Automated support ticketing routes maintenance requests to the right place, submitted from any number of channels. Ticket tracking tells facility managers how long it takes to resolve issues and allows them to attach tickets to different cost centers, assets, and departments, for powerful spending and budgeting insights.

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