True Workplace Vision

SpaceIQ provides employees several ways to interact, navigate, and maximize their use of workplace resources and amenities.

Workplace Experience Reimagined

SpaceIQ’s powerful workplace platform enhances the employee workplace experience.

  • Strengthen employee engagement and productivity
  • Help employees effectively navigate your workplace
  • Provide search/booking functions for available meeting rooms and hotel desks
  • Deploy easy-to-use mobile applications to find peers

Navigating Your Workplace

  • Search for other employees or spaces on a specific floor or the entire company
  • Locate emergency exits, first-aid kits, printers, etc.
  • Easily find what you need on a tablet, wayfinding kiosks, Slack / Messenger, or the SpaceIQ Employee Mobile App
  • Use our web access or Mobile App to submit a maintenance or IT ticket, including details
  • Find and book available, nearby meeting rooms and hotel desks

Book and Schedule Meeting Rooms/Desks

  • See a room’s capabilities…then book it for a quick meeting
  • Reserve a hotel desk—either “Book Today” or hold a future date
  • Find and book available, nearby meeting rooms and hotel desks
  • Implement desk displays to know real-time availability or occupancy of a desk
  • These same, great functionalities are available via the SpaceIQ Web Portal, Mobile App, and Wayfinder

Find Coworkers, Connect with Slack

SpaceIQ + Slack provide robust, always-on ways to connect and interact

  • Find employees, then navigate to their desks
  • Leverage interactive maps to identify available meeting rooms and navigate to them

Reimagine Your Workplace™

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