Know Before You Book

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right room for your meetings. SpaceIQ provides the ins and outs of every conference space.

  • Room Photos: Share pictures of your meeting space with the people who’ll be joining you and know you’re in the right room
  • Capacity: Choose the right space for your gathering with clearly defined room sizes and how many occupants it can hold
  • Assets: Need video conferencing and whiteboard for your brainstorm session? See what assets each room offer before making a reservation

Simple Room Booking

SpaceIQ lets you find and book a conference room from our mobile app and via your
company web portal.

  • Find a Room: Our easy-to-view maps allow you to locate the best room for a specific event or gathering
  • Dynamic Organization: Easily add, sort, and find meeting rooms that are nearby and available now or at the same time
  • Book for Today or Tomorrow: Reserve a space for the ideal amount of time whenever you are heading into the office

Get Meetings on the Calendar

Our platform integrates with a number of calendar programs. This ensures bookings show
up on your and attendees’ calendars so there’s no doubt when it’s meeting time.

  • Calendar Integrations: SpaceIQ integrates with calendar programs, including Google Calendar (gcal), Outlook Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, and Apple Calendar
  • Calendar Interface: Add a hotel desk reservation to a favorite calendar program and never forget when to check in

Sensors & Utilization

Collect valuable information about room use and occupancy using integrated sensors.

  • Is Anyone There?: See if meeting rooms are used during reserved times, and for how long
  • Space Adjustments: Using sensor data, determine whether conference rooms are needed or if additional space is needed
  • Proximity for Efficiency: Does one department regularly use a meeting room, but employees must travel to get there? Analyze room data and relocate teams to maximize work time

Reimagine Your Workplace™

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