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Connect Staff to Their Needs

Search people, spaces, equipment, and more in one system with advanced filters. Browse by list or floorplan and drill into key details. Build a central inventory of all assets.

Make Collaboration Easy & Free-Up Seats for Evolving Projects

Connect staff to their meeting and work spaces with bookings by phone, tablet, kiosk, or QR code. Avoid scheduling conflicts, view photos and details to see if spaces meet your needs. Enable staff to track all reservations on a personal homepage.

Free underused seats by letting part-time staff book work spaces based on daily and weekly needs. Enable staff to browse different seat types based on which projects they are working on.

Put People First

Empower staff to make and track service requests, from maintenance to personal moves. Include photos, descriptions, and location details to improve outcomes and ultimately, enhance the safety and well-being of everyone in the workplace.

Connect everyone to a user-friendly, mobile workplace experience that adapts to support teams, projects, and daily needs.

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