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SpaceIQ's CAFM/IWMS software platform was built around a scenario timeline because space planning and move management are dynamic processes. We provide the most powerful, smart and easy-to-use facility management software for companies of every size

Space Planning

Jaw-dropping, stunning visual representation of your floor plans. Efficient search-powered drag and drop global M/A/C.

Move Management

Powerful, intuitive, scenario planning for moves of any size. Delegation, notification and real-time updates at your finger-tips.

Real Estate Dashboard

Comprehensive and real-time visibility into your buildings’ utilization, capacity, density and employee and floor cost.

Other Features

Continuous evolution of features and capabilities such as hot-desking, hoteling, employee finder, Slack and more.

Space Planning

No need to exchange seating charts, PDFs and printouts with a myriad of departments and entering data back into a FM Excel or some legacy CAFM software system. SpaceIQ's space planning software gives you amazing and easy-to-use drag and drop seating and ongoing management.

  • Space utilization with views of a real-time floor plan
  • Scenario planning to solve seating allocation challenges
  • Integration and real-time data exchange with HR, IT and ERP systems
  • Access to detailed employee data including assets

Move Management

SpaceIQ can be used with large or small moves, between buildings, floors or even within a department. It allows for easy coordination between multiple groups (both internal and external), across any number of tasks. Moves are managed efficiently, ensuring that employees will have all of the appropriate assets and allocations in their new space.

  • Seamless move execution with updated floor plans
  • Centralized request queue across all users
  • Dynamic online and email status updates
  • Drag and drop move scheduling

Real Estate Dashboard

By capturing data from all relevant sources within the facility workplace, SpaceIQ provides a centralized platform where you can easily view, analyze and execute against your key metrics. Our Workplace System of Record is powerful, smart and intuitive and provides any company the modern tools to compete and thrive in a modern and dynamic workplace. (No more cumbersome FM Excel worksheets)

  • Dynamic dashboards and reports with real-time updates
  • Consolidated information in streamlined, comprehensive reports
  • Export to Excel or appropriate format
  • Ad Hoc reporting, utilization levels and costs analysis

Other Innovative Features

SpaceIQ provides several additional features that help you manage your dynamic workplace.

  • SSO (Single Sign-on) and seamless integrations including Slack
  • Employee engagement application
  • Hoteling and Hot Desk functionality
  • Meeting room scheduler and employee finder
  • Collaboration and project management
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