IDC Names SpaceIQ Among Cloud Facilities Management Software Innovators

SpaceIQ is proud to have been featured in a recent innovators report by IDC, which focuses on the future of cloud-based facilities management software. Named one of the key emerging vendors in this space, SpaceIQ is profiled as having demonstrated innovative new technology with the potential and capabilities to drive modern facilities management forward.

The document, IDC Innovators: Facilities Management Software as a Service, 2018, is now available from IDC.

Illustrating SpaceIQ’s leadership

The overview by IDC measures SpaceIQ against the pitfalls and barriers of modern facilities management, showcasing how the platform can be utilized by FM professionals to affect change in evolving workspaces. Emphasis is given to SpaceIQ’s core features and functionality, as well as its advantages in agile work environments.

The piece goes on to illustrate SpaceIQ’s core advantages over other versions of facilities management software, including move management tools and space allocation insights.

The changing workplace

This profile of SpaceIQ by IDC comes as part of the company’s ongoing coverage of the evolving corporate workspace. IDC has previously outlined a wide range of variables in flux within modern work environments—all of which are contributing to cumbersome overhead and increased expenses for workplace management.

IDC’s coverage of SpaceIQ and other facilities management software shows a growing trend in innovators to seek intuitive, data-driven solutions to adapt to changing workplace demands. As facilities managers begin to realize the need for more refined lenses by which to examine their workspaces, SpaceIQ is providing them, along with the data necessary to validate changes.

SpaceIQ’s standout approach

One of the chief takeaways of the IDC profile was the ability of SpaceIQ to herald changes to the physical layout of workspaces. The report concludes:

“SpaceIQ simplifies the space management process by using a cloud-based system that enables employees to proactively manage their workspace and workspace budgets on an individual basis.”

By putting the power in the hands of workers and facilities managers to shape the workspace that works best for them, SpaceIQ is enabling real change at a level that profoundly impacts the bottom line for companies.

For example, SpaceIQ makes it easy for facilities managers to adopt desk neighborhoods and transform specific areas into dynamic, collaborative spaces. Further, move management tools make it easy to communicate these changes to staff and ensure they’re coordinated and validated.

Pushing the market forward

SpaceIQ was named as an IDC innovator not only because of its robust facilities management software, but also because of its position as a thought leader in the marketplace. As facilities management continues to face the challenges of an evolving workspace, SpaceIQ is staying on top of solutions, to meet these challenges head-on. Further, SpaceIQ’s constant focus on staying ahead of workplace trends is enabling FM professionals to affect changes more quickly and with better results.

The purpose of the IDC innovators report is to highlight companies that are ushering real, meaningful change and solutions into the workplace. SpaceIQ is proud to be recognized as a thought leader in this space!