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Building and managing the workplace of the future means using office space software designed to keep up with the evolving demands of your facilities. SpaceIQ is an established leader in this space, giving facilities managers, personnel directors and company managers the visibility and full control they need to plan, manage and adapt their office environments.

Our office space software is the total package, marrying incredible functionality with a beautiful, intuitive interface to provide crucial data and dynamic workspace management opportunities. SpaceIQ allows you to optimize your real estate, maximize the employee experience, increase productivity and plan for scenarios that demand your facilities to be flexible.

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Why SpaceIQ?

We distinguish ourselves in the office space software arena by providing our clients with better features, a more intuitive platform and unparalleled reporting capabilities. Demo SpaceIQ today and see for yourself!

  1. True customer account management program
  2. Meeting room booking capabilities
  3. Robust, easy-to-use reporting interface

SpaceIQ turns your workplace from a cost center into a competitive advantage. Try for free. Schedule a free facilities management software demo today.

Customer Success Stories

SpaceIQ serves customers across a variety of industries and sizes, from startups to large enterprises. These are some of the customers using SpaceIQ to improve visibility, drive operational performance and fuel cost reductions.