All actions necessary to retaining an item or asset, in optimal condition.

  1. Condition. Maintenance performed irregularly on an item which has failed to satisfy a predetermined condition standard.
  2. Corrective. The actions performed, as a result of failure, to restore an item or asset to its optimal condition. Corrective maintenance may or may not be programmed. Also known as Reactive.
  3. Deferred. Maintenance which is due which will be deferred because of a shortage of funds or unavoidability of parts.
  4. Operational. Maintenance carried out by a contractor during the course of an operational maintenance period specified in the Contract.
  5. Periodic. Planned routine maintenance of facilities, machinery and equipment to ensure smooth operations and minimum breakdowns.
  6. Preventive. The actions performed to retain an item or asset in its operational condition by providing systematic inspections, detection and prevention of incipient failure.
  7. Programmed. Maintenance assigned to be carried out within a specific period, such as a budgeting period, or during annual holidays.
  8. Routine. Day-to-day maintenance activities (replacement of light bulbs, cleaning of drains, repairing leaks, etc) and which form part of the annual operating budget.
  9. Running. Maintenance that can be carried out whilst the item continues in service.
  10. Shutdown. Maintenance that can only be carried out when the item is taken out of service.
  11. Statutory. Maintenance that must be carried out to meet statutory requirements.