Q: Wasn’t SpaceIQ the name of a separate company?

A: It did as a standalone business until May 2020 when JMI Equity purchased SpaceIQ and merged it with two industry-leading companies – Archibus and Serraview. SpaceIQ best describes our collective offerings, so we chose to use the name for our new combined company. The original SpaceIQ platform is now called SiQ. The Archibus and Serraview names denote our other two products.

Q: What industries do your products serve?

A: SpaceIQ offers software solutions to industries and market segments of all types and sizes. Our products are leveraged by global enterprises, mid-market businesses, universities and school districts, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.

Q: Are your products and services available worldwide?

A: Yes, we work with customers across the globe, from the U.S. to Europe to APAC.

Q: How do your products help with COVID-19 back-to-work planning?

A: Our portfolio of back-to-work products offer ways for you to manage employee experience, hoteling, contact tracing, space management, and future planning amidst COVID-19 and other crises. For more information, visit our COVID-19 Planning page.

COVID-19 Planning

Q: How do I contact SpaceIQ Customer Support?

A: You can reach our team of Customer Support agents by emailing [email protected] for SiQ inquiries, [email protected] for Serraview inquiries or [email protected] for Archibus inquiries.


Q: How do you protect customer data?

A: SpaceIQ takes customer privacy and security seriously. You can read our entire Privacy Policy at https://spaceiq.com/privacy-shield-policy/ and our Website Privacy Statement below.

Q: How do I purchase your products?

A: To determine what product best fits your needs, request a demo or contact our Sales experts at +1 (650) 443-6641.

Request A Demo Request A Demo

Q: How do I join the SpaceIQ team?

A: Visit our Careers page to view our open positions.