Building on from Part 1 in the series where it was all about discovery: where we unmasked the fallacies of workplace transformation, explored your data and stepped through how to begin. This time we are examining change management theory and how to embed this into your approach and bring everyone on your journey.  Now, it is time to set and build change management theory into your workplace transformation. Don’t need everyone to buy in or agree at the end of strategy – the change process is used to bring people on the journey and get them to buy-in.

Join us on 11 November at 10:00 AEST for Part 2 of a can’t miss webinar series as we welcome back experts from Presynct Workplace Strategy and Change to discuss Change Management Theory.

Establishing a successful change program is not just about setting up a process, it requires deep engagement and advocates across the organization.  Join us as we uncover Presynct’s approach to embedding change management theory.

  • Understanding the impacts of change
  • Addressing staff concerns and questions
  • Engaging people in the decisions that impact them

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