Tried lots of products, nothing seemed to fit.

Problem:  No formal process for space utilization in a rapidly expanding company.

Prior to SpaceIQ, WeWork had tried multiple different products and platforms but none met their needs. They resorted to gathering data by tediously walking around their facilities to see where people were sitting and where space was available.

Solution: Enter SpaceIQ’s robust CAFM/IWMS software.

WeWork is rapidly expanding at an incredible rate. They now have over 2,000 employees in NYC alone and are hiring 20-30 new people every week at that location. SpaceIQ gives WeWork the ability to:

  • View occupancy rates and workspace availability conveniently
  • Plan ahead and plot out seating scenarios
  • Forecast new hires and terminations
  • Collaborate on space and seating assignments with various department heads

WeWork provides more than 200,000 members globally with workspace, community, and services. Their members include small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and Fortune 500 companies. With so many amazing workspaces all over the world, the manual process of counting heads and open spaces was no longer feasible. SpaceIQ’s powerful and easy-to-use CAFM/IWMS system has made WeWork’s processes a lot simpler.

“The data from SpaceIQ allows us to work closely with department heads to figure out when we need to flex some space, maybe add more desks, or when we’re going to need to update our floor plan to accommodate additional employees in this space…This saves me a ton of time!”

  • - Eliza Northwood, Community Director at WeWork
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