• During expansion, Instructure added 250 employees quarterly
         —all manually coordinated and updated on spreadsheets.
  • Team members shuffled desks almost daily—Instructure
         logged ~2,400 employee moves in 2018.
  • Facilities managers spent 20-plus hours a month walking floors
         of the company’s seven buildings counting empty desks and
         updating space plans after every move.
  • Moving a single employee required five or more mouse clicks,
         and resulting changes didn’t show up on Instructure’s floor
         plans for weeks using their previous software.
  • Former vendor couldn’t keep up with change requests.

Enter SpaceIQ

Instructure turned to SpaceIQ for space utilization and floor planning tools, including:


Immediate improvement in floor planning and space management:

  • Time spent updating floor plans reduced 50%
  • Manual desk counting—15% of FM’s day—cut to 0%

Savings on current and future leases:

  • Space-planning scenarios showed that Instructure can defer
         leasing additional space for five years by reducing
         workstation desk lengths from six feet to five feet.
         With 250 employees added quarterly, Instructure
         accommodated 750 new team members in 2018.

Responsive customer support boosts productivity, efficiency

  • Floor maps revisions take a day to populate vs. weeks with
         the other vendor’s system
  • Support requests resolved in hours, not days

“Every quarter, our expansion was in need of fulfilling space for about 250 employees. With SpaceIQ, we were able to spread a few of the workstations by mimicking scenarios. At one point we had six-foot workstations. We created a scenario with five-foot workstations, giving us more ‘we’ space vs. ‘me’ space and that helped us alleviate need for adding additional square footage in existing buildings. SpaceIQ helped us defer leasing additional space for five years.”

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