Reimagine the Workplace™
with SpaceIQ

SpaceIQ brings together three market-leading products to help businesses of all sizes reach their full potential by creating great workplaces that attract and retain the talent needed to grow and succeed.
We help your business grow with software solutions that address real estate optimization and forecasting, workplace management and planning, and employee coordination and experience.

But our goal is always the same—help our customers maximize their investments in real estate, workplaces, and employees. SpaceIQ makes your workplace good for business and great for people.

Global Workplace Solutions

  • Archibus – An all-in-one solution for large-scale enterprises looking to manage and optimize space, operations, and maintenance
  • Serraview – A scalable, highly configurable solution for enterprise organizations that helps improve workplace efficiency and space accounting
  • SiQ – An intuitive, fast-to-implement workplace solution for mid-market companies that’s designed to make space management simple

Smarter Workplaces

  • Centralized, data-driven platforms for better-informed real estate decisions
  • Tools to plan and manage a more productive and efficient work environment
  • Strategies to give employees a frictionless experience so they can do their best work


Our Core Values

  • InnovationWe are inspired by progress, motivated by being a market disruptor, and driven to be the best in every area we do business.
  • Integrity We say what we mean and deliver what we promise. Our employees are encouraged to act transparently and take responsibility.
  • Achievement Everything we do is built on our vision for a better tomorrow—continuously guiding and shaping the business category we created.
  • Enthusiasm Our inspiration created the IWMS category and countless other industry firsts. Our dedication turned us into a global enterprise.
  • Teamwork – We operate with the conviction that the best and quickest way to succeed is by helping those around us to succeed.