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SpaceIQ: Powerhouse, Industry-Leading Workplace Solutions

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 21, 2020 — When Archibus + Serraview acquired SpaceIQ in May 2020, leadership realized the combined brands needed a new name to accurately reflect the true power of the global workplace management technology business. They chose SpaceIQ.

“The goals in selecting a new company name were to choose a name that clearly states what we offer and represents all three product lines. SpaceIQ met all of the criteria,” said Wain Kellum, SpaceIQ CEO. “We now have a business identity that describes the category we compete in (Space) and shows we will continue to build intelligent, category-leading products (IQ).”

The new SpaceIQ is unlike any other workplace management company in that it provides products and services for small business to enterprise organizations on a worldwide scale, Kellum said. Archibus is known globally as the premier integrated workplace management software platform while Serraview is the go-to solution throughout much of Asia Pacific. SiQ, though a younger product, is considered one of the most innovative SaaS products in the industry.

To avoid confusion with existing customers, the SpaceIQ product has been renamed SiQ. The other product lines will be known by their legacy names: Archibus and Serraview. The company created a new brand look and feel, including revised product logos. A new website is slated to launch in 2021.

“We do understand that this change may cause some confusion in the market, which is why we have kept each of the product line names,” Kellum said. “Everything we offer, no matter the product line, always comes back to space. Archibus and Serraview are cornerstone products and will continue to be so—now under the SpaceIQ company name.”

SpaceIQ helps our customers with:

  • Real Property — Manage owned and leased space locally and across the globe
  • Capital Projects — Manage projects and budgets related to space
  • Maintenance — Keep up with space needs and prevent workplace downtime
  • Assets — Manage and track assets within space and the workplace
  • Sustainability & Risk — Ensure workplace compliance with safety in mind
  • Workplace Optimization — Optimize your space use and occupancy
  • Space Planning & Management —Explore, analyze at department and team-levels
  • Reservations — Find and reserve space
  • Employee Experience — Meet the digital needs of your most important asset: people
  • Forecasting – Use future growth models to determine space and workplace demands
  • Agile Seating – Flex your space to meet the needs of your evolving workplace

To learn more about each of the product brands, visit,, or

Blog Featured

Top 10 Workplace Areas

By Nai Kanell
Director of Marketing

We canvassed our customers—from small software companies to global enterprises—to find the top 10 workplace areas where employees can relax, have fun, or spend time with their kids (both the human and furry variety). How does your business stack up?

Parent Rooms


The Parenting in the Workplace Institute estimates there are more than 200 U.S. businesses that allow working parents to bring their babies to work. Parent rooms (formerly called mother’s or nursing/lactation rooms) offer quiet, private spaces for breastfeeding, diaper changes, or bonding—for both Mom and Dad.


Locker Rooms / Showers

Companies know health-conscious employees like to sneak in a workout over lunch. Providing showers and secure lockers is becoming a common practice. But employers should follow the lead of athletic organizations when it comes to safety and cleanliness.


All Gender Restrooms

A 2017 study by Yelp revealed that 160,000-plus businesses in the U.S. offer gender-neutral bathrooms to employees, visitors, and patrons. Gendered restrooms are still the norm, but human resource professionals say eliminating men- and women-only designations can benefit a company’s brand and strengthen its talent pool.


Game Rooms

Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining”  wasn’t the only one to believe “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Companies of all types and sizes offer ping-pong, foosball, and video games as outlets for hard-working employees. But “fun” elements should align with business values to strengthen talent retention and boost employee morale.


Wellness / Yoga Rooms

Sometimes the burden of day-to-day work gets to you. Escaping to a quiet place is just the ticket. Wellness rooms staged with recliners, couches, plants, water features, and comfort items give employees privacy to decompress. Coupled with on-site yoga classes, employees can find the zen they need to make it to five o’clock.



A study by Sodexo showed that more than 70% of employees believe food is a “critical workplace amenity.” Companies with enough space are moving toward on-site cafés where workers can choose from multiple options of snacks, drinks, and entrées.


Bike Rooms

The American Community Survey estimates 872,000 people (0.6% of all U.S. workers) ride their bike to work. Typically, riders have to store their bikes in their office or cube, or find an out-of-the-way place. Many businesses are now offering in-office racks or designated rooms for storage.



There’s a ton of reasons businesses should build on-site gyms for employee use. Exercise reduces stress and absenteeism. Active workers get better sleep and are more motivated because of it. And no CFO will shun the health care costs saved by having healthier employees.



Believe it or not, people still read books. At least they should…especially in the office. Workplace author Erika Hall believes giving employees access to a variety of books boosts underrepresentation of lesser-known perspectives. Most importantly, books nourish workers’ minds.


Pet Rooms/Areas

The emotional and mental benefits of having a furry friend around are well-known. And many businesses are realizing that allowing pets in the office reduces employee worry about their pup’s well-being. Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s, and TripAdvisor are considered three of the most pet-friendly companies.

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