By Devon Maresco
Marketing Coordinator

However you define it, the workplace has become a more complex and involved environment over the last few decades. From the days of cubicle farms, to the open office phase, to the flex work movement, businesses’ needs for a well-orchestrated physical workplace have changed. As a result the way we plan, organize, and manage workspaces also needs to shift. That’s where SpaceIQ comes in.

What is SpaceIQ? In a nutshell it’s a workplace operations platform designed to help organizations understand the needs of their workforce and shape a workplace around those expectations. SpaceIQ helps employers reimagine their workplaces with actionable data, and set sound real estate strategies now and for the future. It comes down to three distinct areas of focus: facility management, employee experience, and real estate management.

Here’s what organizations need to know about SpaceIQ and how it can help them unlock the fullest potential of their workplace—even as it continues to evolve.

SpaceIQ overview

SpaceIQ is actually the broad umbrella for three distinct software brands: Archibus, Serraview, and SiQ. Each company in the portfolio represents a unique software package, which focuses on a core area of the changing workplace landscape:

  • Archibus is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) for facilities.
  • Serraview manages intuitive workplace solutions and the employee experience.
  • SiQ is a data-driven system for space planning and real estate management.

The suite of SpaceIQ products comes together to address the evolving workplace at every level. Used as standalone products, Archibus, Serraview, and SiQ help businesses address new challenges with agility. Used together, the full suite of products allows them to remain on the cutting edge of workplace evolution—and to reimagine their own workplace through data-driven insights.

SpaceIQ features

Leveraged together, the suite of software options that comprise SpaceIQ offer powerful capabilities for workplace managers. Some of the many features include:

  • Data, analytics, forecasting. The modern-day workplace is one that’s largely data-driven. Organizations that want to stay on top of utilization, occupancy, efficiency, productivity, and other operationally important metrics need to gather, aggregate, and observe data. SpaceIQ products help them do exactly that, for the purposes of everything from budgeting and forecasting to shaping the best possible workplace.
  • Visual planning tools. Orchestrating space is a visual process. SpaceIQ tools offer visual floor planning and diagramming, as well as visual interpretations of stack plans and more. Through building CAD designs, GIS integrations, and digital twin capabilities, companies get extremely detailed visuals of their complete facilities—right down to the desk level.
  • Administration tools. From support ticketing to move management, desk booking to room allocation strategies, workplace administrators have access to a full suite of tools through SpaceIQ products. Workplace management comes down to creating automations and using digital resources to build frameworks for better oversight within facilities.
  • Facility management tools. Vendor management and assignments for in-house craftspeople are integral to facility upkeep. This, combined with capital project planning, grounds management, waste management, and the like, all represent core facility management actions. SpaceIQ offers the tools to improve oversight and create synergies that keep the building functional.
  • Robust integrations. As a cloud-based platform, SpaceIQ offers an extensive array of integrations. From bookkeeping and finance connectivity, to communication app synergy, and even integration with other cloud collaboration tools, it’s an asset to other established resources in the business cloud.
  • Compliance standards. Compliance standards differ for businesses across a variety of situations. Whether it’s LEED accreditation standards, HIPAA privacy standards, EPA hazardous waste handling standards, or similar compliance considerations, SpaceIQ can help track them all.

Whatever the demands of facilities or the people who depend on them, SpaceIQ has features and capabilities to meet them. Each piece of software in the brand portfolio targets a unique part of facilities and provides the tools required to optimize them.

How can SpaceIQ help?

The bigger the company, the more moving parts there are. Even for small companies, evolving workplace needs and norms can affect vital operations. It’s critical to have a workplace environment that’s on-par with the standards of the industry and the needs of employees. To recognize these needs and adapt to them takes a concerted effort and the right tools. That’s where SpaceIQ comes in.

The SpaceIQ family of software gives businesses direct access to relevant insights and their impact on the company’s facilities, workplaces, and employee sentiment about them. Whether optimizing available square footage or shaping a healthy company culture, SpaceIQ resources lend themselves to whatever objectives administrators have in front of them. And, most important, they enable data-driven changes at the speed the business needs to evolve at.

The power of workplace insights

In the face of evolving workplaces, nothing is more potent in driving change than data. Almost as important are the tools necessary to put that data to work. SpaceIQ offers both through its family of robust software products: Archibus, Serraview, and SiQ.

Whether used as standalone programs or leveraged together as a full suite, the workplace insights they provide and the tools available to drive change are vital to companies that understand the true value of the workplace—not as a cost center, but as a competitive advantage.

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