By Devon Maresco
Marketing Coordinator

We’re living in an age when work can happen anywhere. That means maintaining a traditional workplace needs to offer incentive to employees beyond the alternatives: remote work or coworking. Employees need to feel like the workplace available to them is the best option for their productivity and comfort. To do this takes a lot of coordination behind-the-scenes, in the orchestration of a workplace that truly meets the needs of the people using it. It’s why more companies have turned to Serraview in the age of non-traditional working opportunities.

Serraview is software focused on two distinct yet connected goals. First, to create the best possible employee experience and second, to do it in a way that emphasizes the value of the workplace. In short, Serraview helps companies understand the way employees see and use the workplace, and gives them the tools and resources to shape the space around those needs and wants.

Here’s a look at Serraview’s role in creating the modern workplace, and how doing so leads to everything from better company culture to enhanced productivity from employees.

Serraview overview

Serraview was one of the early disruptors in the facility management software space and has continued to evolve with the dynamic demands of the industry. As work remains an ever-changing modality, Serraview helps companies understand the needs of employees and how facilities and operations can better-support them.

What makes Serraview special is its fully cloud-based approach to workplace modeling and management. As the workplace becomes a more and more decentralized concept, Serraview keeps employees and employers connected, and allows the latter to make informed decisions about the needs of the former. Whether that’s desk booking through a workplace app or changing the workplace to support the types of desks people use based on those very same booking analytics, Serraview is at the heart of ensuring employees jive with their workplace.

Serraview’s simplicity makes it easy for any company of any size to use. And, scalable tools and resources ensure that even as the needs of employees change, companies have the ability to understand those changes and affect workplace shifts conducive to productivity and comfort.

Serraview features

Serraview’s focus on the workplace’s impact on employees and employee sentiment itself manifests in a wide range of features. Here’s a look at some of the many tools and resources Serraview offers, and how they contribute to workplace design, management, and adaptation:

  • Space optimization. Using space effectively is a cornerstone of providing a workplace that’s conducive to employee need and it sets the tone for a frictionless work experience. Serraview offers tools to visualize and allocate space, and to set the parameters for who has access to that space, when, and how they’ll use it.
  • Workplace enablement. Employees want convenience from their workplace. Serraview’s workplace enablement tools offer it. From desk availability and booking, to workplace mobile applications, to smart building integration, it’s easy for employees to interact with their workplace—not just use it.
  • Hoteling and reservations. In the era of flex work and non-traditional workplaces, employees still demand sureties. Serraview helps employers give it to them via hoteling and reservation frameworks. From desk booking, room booking, or collaborative space reservations, it’s easy to use more of the workplace when everything is accessible through a convenient reservation system.
  • Workplace analytics. To understand what employees want from their workplace, employers need a way to gauge sentiment, activity, and insights. Serraview’s workplace analytics integrations tracks space usage, wayfinding trends, and myriad other data that workplace administrators can use to shape a workplace more conducive to the needs of employees.
  • Scenario planning. Workplaces are dynamic environments and need to stay as agile as the people using them. Serraview’s scenario planning features allow workplace admins to create visual floor plans and experiment with different workplace changes before enacting them, to account for all variables.
  • Employee insights. Serraview Engage is a workplace application that allows for direct communication with employees. It’s a great tool for understanding employee needs, relaying essential information, and collecting feedback—especially in flex work environments where decentralized communication is routine.

Everything about the workplace is always in flux—from space demands to how employees feel about certain aspects of their work. Serraview’s suite of tools helps companies stay agile, to adapt to these changing needs on a day-by-day basis.

How can Serraview help?

The modern workplace needs to be many things to many people. It’s not only a place to facilitate company operations—it also needs to support individual employees and set the tone for a positive working experience, day after day. To accomplish this takes a coordinate effort: one that understands employee needs and merges them with workplace design. Serraview facilitates this collaboration by giving facility managers capabilities on both sides. It’s the key the creating a workplace employees want to work in, and a place where they can get work done.

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