By Katherine Schwartz
Demand Generation Specialist

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software has revolutionized workplace maintenance. It automates maintenance processes and analyzes outcomes for future improvements. Using a single login, workplace managers can access a suite of intuitive features designed to eliminate tedious work.

CMMS software provides an objective view of what your facility needs to keep running, how it’s performing, and when it’s time to replace equipment. Automating labor-intensive and repetitive tasks frees up time and energy for activities that require face-to-face interaction and creative thinking, like a workplace move or upgrade.

What is CMMS in terms of workplace efficiency and what does CMMS stand for? Here are a few ways a CMMS simplifies facility maintenance:

  • Fewer, shorter instances of downtime
  • Longer asset lifespan
  • Better ROI through asset preservation
  • Lower proactive service costs (as opposed to reactive costs)
  • Improved vendor management
  • Quicker response to maintenance requests
  • Time savings through process automation

CMMS software makes asset maintenance a priority. Its dynamic nature means employees have one place to send support tickets. From there, maintenance happens faster and workplace assets are quantified in ways that show their true ROI.

In many ways, a CMMS is like other workplace systems like Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software management applications like ServiceChannel®. But the real value of a CMMS is process standardization. CMMS platforms are designed specifically for maintenance management. They quantify specific processes and assets, which allows facility managers to make more-informed decisions about workplace needs.

That’s crucial because facilities maintenance impacts so many parts of the overall workplace. A powerful CMMS ensures tickets are properly received and organized. Then, depending on the action needed, automated processes prioritize requests and make sure they’re handled right.

But perhaps the most important thing to understand about CMMS maintenance software is that the total package is more than the sum of its parts. A tool that manages all aspects of maintenance makes your job easier and helps your company lower operation costs. Without a central information hub, your assets cannot reach their full potential value.

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