Getting started doesn’t have to be the most difficult part. Workplace transformation has become a primary focus for innovative companies. In fact, according to the CBRE 2017 Americas Occupier Survey Report, 86% of respondents planned to re-invent or adapt their workplace standards this year.

A core driver for workplace change is the growing multi-generational workforce. As a result of the diversity, they have higher expectations from their employers than ever before. Key talent looks for more than just a place to sit but a workplace that can help them achieve success through their unique needs and requirements.

Today, corporations are relying heavily on their real estate teams to revolutionize their workplaces into modern spaces where employees and buildings are both effective and efficient. But, where do you start? Open office design, hoteling, agile working? How do you know which strategy will work best for your business?

Leesman describes activity based working (ABW) as a transformational business strategy that provides people with a choice of setting, rather than forcing individuals to work at a singular desk location. Companies who have adopted ABW in their workplace strategy are finding it to be a long-term solution that addresses the modern workforce needs as well as aligning with business goals.