Many factors play pivotal roles in workplace productivity. The workplace is central to them all. Understanding how your staff interacts with the workplace and what sentiments it drives is key to providing a work environment conducive to productivity. First, you’ll need to do a deep dive into factors affecting employee satisfaction, engagement, and performance.

  • Focus on understanding how employee performance is measured and what factors translate into productivity.
    • Employee satisfaction: How satisfied employees are with work arrangements
    • Employee engagement: How employees are connected to and vested in their job
  • Understand the variables dictating workplace performance as they relate to space and facilities management.
    • Access
      • To management for mentorship
      • To resources and tools
      • To processes and protocols
    • Flexibility
      • In work hours
      • In work location
      • In how work gets done
    • Personal connections
      • To coworkers
      • To management
      • To the brand or company
    • Collaboration
      • Amongst work groups
      • Amongst partners
      • Amongst vendors
    • Culture and work environment
      • Experiential
      • Engaging
      • Elevating
  • Use space management software to understand how employees interact with the workplace and make adjustments to align with the variables that drive productivity.

Clarity around variables that dictate performance and productivity requires close inspection of your existing workplace. Download our guide to further Unlock the Secrets to a More Productive Workplace and see what encourages employees to do their best work.

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