The transition from individual desks to neighborhoods—or desk stacks—can be tough for many employees to make. Even the most comprehensive workplace neighborhood guide can’t anticipate the resistance or concerns of your workforce. Luckily, the right guide can help you take the right steps toward inciting positivity if you’re making the switch to a neighborhood desks. Here’s a quick checklist to follow before, during, and after the transition:

  • Notify employees ~two months in advance to minimize disruptions to day-to-day work routines. This allows time to voice concerns, plan, and understand the shift.
  • Schedule Q&A sessions after the announcement. This gives employees a platform to speak and facilitates a positive flow of ideas.
  • Use feedback to organize neighborhood workspaces. Implement changes into the overall neighborhood transition plan where possible.
  • Clearly communicate the benefits of neighborhoods and focus on creating a positive culture that starts with the neighborhood itself. Highlight personal benefits.
  • Get executives and departmental leaders on board with the change. Their support will trickle down as positive sentiment to employees.
  • Create a welcoming feeling after the change and strengthen that vibe of belonging that extends to every worker in every desk stack. Make a positive first impression.
  • Market the benefits of the change and focus on improvements it brings. Focus on keeping employees excited about the transition.

Ensuring a smooth transition, promoting open and honest communication, and continually projecting the benefits of desk neighborhoods will harness ongoing support in your workplace. For more insights as to the right approach, download our guide and Learn How to Create Workplace Neighborhoods the right way.

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