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See iOFFICE & SpaceIQ experts’ presentations from Autodesk University 2021 below. Note that to access the recordings, you will need to create a free account through the links below.

Tech Trends Panel: Why Data Connectivity Is Driving the Convergence of Design and Make

Abstract: In the days when companies followed a linear business model, workflows in the AEC and manufacturing industries were created using incompatible software programs. That meant data would be lost between handoffs from discipline to discipline—whether from architect to contractor or engineer to manufacturer—and would have to be recreated or stitched back together throughout a project. That doesn’t work in today’s world, when data needs to be at the center to help solve complex problems and spark innovation. To mitigate global challenges such as urbanization, population growth, and climate change, project stakeholders need to design and make with help from automation and a seamless flow of data and insights. In this panel, execs from Epic Games, Lenovo, SpaceIQ, and Autodesk discuss why converging processes, technology, data, and industries are key to a thriving future.

Moderator: Kylee Swenson


  • Nick Stefanidakis, SpaceIQ
  • Mike Haley, Autodesk
  • Jeff Wood, Lenovo
  • Marc Petit, Epic Games

Listen to the recording here.

Managing Space, Assets, and Maintenance through BIM to FM

Abstract: Building owners want to take rich data collected from BIM and put it directly to work managing space, assets, and maintenance. AEC professionals want to deliver their carefully-developed BIM data in a form that is immediately useful for building operations. Yet discussions around commissioning this information for lifecycle use can sound complex and daunting. This session demystifies BIM Execution Planning for the most important “BIM to FM” use cases – namely managing space and maintenance. The session walks through real world workflows, entities and object properties needed for professional facilities management. Demonstration sequences illustrate how to extend the usability of AutoCAD drawings and Revit models designed for construction, to easily flow hundreds of spaces and assets to FM management software, and begin getting immediate results.

Presenter: Nick Stefanidakis

Listen to the recording here.

Archibus: From Space Inventory to Action

Abstract: Explore how organizations that leverage Archibus, maintain their space inventory in AutoCAD and have those changes reflected in the Archibus solution with a few clicks. We’ll also see how teams can then utilize a complete and accurate space inventory in Archibus to meet organization initiatives, namely a Return to Office (RTO) plan.

Presenter: Mike Zimmer

Listen to the recording here.

Archibus OnSite: A Modern Mobile Solution For Maintenance Professionals

Abstract: Join Mike Zimmer as he demonstrates Archibus’ newest mobile application for maintenance professionals, Onsite. We’ll explore how maintenance technicians can easily document their time, materials, and comments around the completion of various tasks that are assigned to them all from their phone.

Presenter: Mike Zimmer

Listen to the recording here.

Transform Your Maintenance Strategy with ManagerPlus

Abstract: EAM/CMMS solution for any industry to improve asset reliability, extend equipment lifecycles & streamline maintenance operations. From manufacturing to hospitality, our software increases ROI.

Presenter: Brandon Gunn

Listen to the recording here.

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