By Tamara Sheehan
Director of Business Management

Feedback is part of a healthy company culture. If employees have concerns or demands, you need to hear them. With feedback in hand, the next step is to put it into action. Here’s a quick checklist for some of the most common employee workplace complaints and how to address them.

How to address common employee complaints

  1. “I don’t have enough personal workspace”
    • Make sure you’re not overcrowding employees
    • Try a new desk arrangement
  2. “There’s too much overlap in shared workspaces”
    • Invest in a scheduling system
    • Encourage better communication among employees
  3. “I can’t concentrate because it’s too noisy or distracting”
    • Create private workspaces for employees
    • Explore new desk arrangements
  4. “There’s no place for me to talk or work in private”
    • Create private workspaces for employees
    • Explore remote work options or flexible hours
  5. “It takes too long to fix things”
  6. “The office is boring and it really sucks away my productivity”
    • Gauge specific feedback and tweak design
    • Accentuate the workplace creatively

There are some employee complaints you can’t do much about. That’s why it’s important to take control and affect change where it makes sense. Addressing concerns shows employees you care about them as both valuable workers and human beings.

Keep reading common employee complaints about the workplace and what they’re actually telling you about your office.

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