Wain Kellum is the CEO of our combined company, which is helping lead the digital transformation of the modern workplace. Our mission is to provide software that makes the workplace easily adaptable, cost-effective, more productive, and engaging for employees.

He has helped build dozens of software companies that have served hundreds of thousands of customers and created thousands of jobs. The first company he founded became a large software engineering consultancy that included Microsoft as a shareholder.

Wain has created and led market-leading companies in a variety of categories, including global cloud-based communications, security software, B2B connectivity, people tracking, marketing analytics, marketing automation, partner relationship management and hospitality analytics and user experience. He also has held executive positions in a variety of public companies, including running the applications consulting business in the Americas for HP.

Wain is excited to be a part of the changing landscape of commercial real estate. He sees the company continuing to innovate at a rapid pace and solidify its position as a global market leader.