Our Story
SpaceIQ Reimagines Your Workplace -- transforming it from being your biggest fixed expense to your most strategic company asset.

Our Mission: Make the Workplace Smarter

Reimagine Your Workplace™ as an asset you can shape to your needs? More than just square footage—your workplace is a dynamic environment that’s central to profitability, productivity, and positive employee experiences. 

SpaceIQ is a comprehensive workplace platform that combines all relevant data sources—including information about your employees and company growth, floor charts and facility services. Then it replaces your legacy software, Excel sheets, and paper floorplans with an online, easy-to-use dashboard. As a powerful cloud platform, SpaceIQ gives you a single place to optimize your use of space, manage meeting rooms and office moves, and make the most of all your workplace assets. 

SpaceIQ delivers exactly the analytics you need, expense visibility for better control, and the experiences employees expect.