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Space Planning / Management

Workplace / Employee Experience

Workplace Optimization / Utilization

Facility Management Software (IWMS)

Workplace Management

Track space inventory, space layouts, workplace occupancy and vacancy.

Space Planning

Consolidate space, explore alternative space plans across multiple office scenarios. Stack plan or reshuffle floors or buildings with ease.

Move Management

Plan for new staff and relocations of people and equipment across your space with intuitive next steps and notifications.

Chargebacks and Space Accounting

Empower your finance team with the cost of space. Share department or team space allocation by square footage or personnel.

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Track, evaluate and manage your company’s real estate across the globe.

Agile Workplaces

Hoteling, hot deskings, neighborhoods, ratio seating, activity based working and everything in between - manage the modern workplace.

Hoteling & Desk Reservations

Remote, or agile workforce, when employees need to access the office, they need an easy way to find and book their own space.

Room Booking & Reservations

Collaborate with ease, book conference or meeting room straight from your mobile device or on the web.

Wayfinding & Indoor Navigation

Easily navigate to rooms, desks, and people with kiosk displays at every entrance.

People Directory & Search

Find the team members and how to get in touch with them easily from your phone or web browser, you can even use Slack.

Maintenance & Ticketing Tracking

Notice a problem? File a ticket on your mobile device or send an email. No need to tell the receptionist.

COVID Safety

Bring employees back into the office safely with social distancing measures built straight into the floor plans – social distancing visuals, safety pins and more

Real Estate Forecasting & Projections

Forecast your business’ demand for space and proactively plan for your needs.

Workplace Utilization & Analytics

Identify underutilized or congested space and adjust it for better use.

Workplace Optimization

Right size your portfolio based on actual utilization data, expected demand and target seating ratios.

Sensor Integration

Leverage IoT Sensors to show what spaces are actively utilized and available.

Smart Office

Leverage real-time location services and help employees find each other based on their current location.

Contact Tracing

Improve workplace safety through automated broad-based contact tracing.

Maintenance Management

Reduce the time, cost, and labor of maintenance

Asset Management

Extend asset life cycles with a complete asset strategy

Capital Project Management

Connect stakeholders and manage complex schedules and budgets

Sustainability & Risk

Streamline compliance and enhance sustainability

BIM / Digital Twins

Replicate your physical space in the digital realm down to the last HVAC vent

COVID Notifications

Notify team members when their desk is clean or your cleaning crew when a new space needs to be sanitized


“The main results currently include up to 30% savings in data collection, management and updates on our retail concessions and other spaces, plus as much as 80% savings on data calculation and updates for our regulatory accounting responsibilities.”

Marco Loddo - Head of Heritage and Land Registry, Aeroporti di Roma

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“SiQ helped us determine that we don't need an expansion option. We actually can contract our spaces based on what we're seeing through the SiQ software. With SiQ we were able to defer leasing additional space for five years.”

Evelyn Guerra - Senior Director of Global Workspaces, Instructure

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“It is estimated, for example, that 70% of BIM value is realized in operations management using EIM. Space and asset utilization has also been optimized through automated real-time property and asset management analysis. In addition, better equipment tracking is now possible through a reliable and dynamic database.”

Wuhan Metro

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“I love SpaceIQ. I love the fact that all the information is accessible in one place. Time management, space efficiency, and safety overall. I could never go back to how we did it before. ”

Erin McCann - Facilities Coordinator, Merit Medical Systems

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“Archibus is saving money for us in many ways, by more accurately tracking our assets as well as their condition and costs, identifying surplus space, improving management of our fleet of vehicles, and aiding safety and business continuity by responding to emergencies more effectively.”

Ralph Linne - Director of County Facilities, Hamilton County

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